-- please forgive me for my bad english --
i'm working on a brushless sincronous generator moved by a diesel engine.
i'd like to know what's the right procedure to start the load.
i need to start the motor at 800 rpm and only after a while the speed
reaches 1500 rpm. during the period when the engine is at 800 rpm i dont
want the generator to produce would be at 20 Hz...Do i need to
use a contactor to connect the generator to the my local net?
does exist a control (working on excitation circuit) that make the generator
work only when it reaches the full speed?
And if i use a contactor...what can appen when i switch on the circuit? any
problem with over-voltage?
The total power is 250 kW
can i find a website where to find useful information about all this?
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Most larger generators utilize a transfer switch that transfers the load to the generator. They typically have voltage and frequency sensing circuitry that won't allow transfer until the generator is "at speed". Levels of sophistication vary, and a time delay in the transfer process for connect, and reconnect are usually favored. This will allow decay in various load circuits to happen, and prevent some of the spiking that would otherwise occur.
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