hai to this group... i am a graduate in electrical and electronics
engineering, any one please recent trends and advancement in electrical
and electronics field.........
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Recent graduates seem to have zero language skills. Being unable to communicate with elderly experienced engineers seems to limit their employment prospects.
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Rheilly Phoull
Reently, it has been discovered that electrons can move in reverse if the transient polarity is set to an oblique angle with respect to the flux compensation. This results in a complete reversal of the EM field as long as the flux is maintained, but a slow return to stasis when applied to a modulating transferrence field.
Applied to nascent demodualting systems, this means that pulse width can be controlled not only by transformalgumation, but also by flux tranisent obliquation. This is very exciting.
If you get the chance, you should go into this field as soon as possible!
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Bob Ferapples

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