How to measure a highly intense Alternating Mag Field of 100kHz and 200Gs?


I've got an intense mag-field (f=100kHz, amplitude=200Gs), but no suitable detectors could be applied to it to make an acuurate measurement. I just use a small induction coil but not so precise, while the hall devices were always destroyed when put into the field. Anybody knows any other detectors or devices for measure such a intense AMF, besides induction coil ?


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You might try using a magneto-optical (Faraday rotation) material to measure rotation of polarized light.


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Not sure why you believe that a small induction coil would not be precise. Working from first principles would seem to be best. It's easy to accurately measure the dimensions of the coil, and turn counting is trivial. Very easy to measure milivolt or lower lever 100kHz signal M Walter

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Also, placement of the coil would be critical for repeatable results. Attaching it somewhere, even if not in the entire field, could be calibrated to read whole field strength... likely.

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