Impossible sampling theory!

Against whom is the spikeful Old Mother Hen Nugatory-RVMJ-Binaryera venting her spleen on the occasion quoted below? Who do we know who is studying for a PhD and who has thus invited her infantile and obsessive bile?

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Airy R. Bean
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Well it's unlikely to be YOU, Beanie. I doubt you even passed the 11+ ...(_!_)...

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Frank Turner-Smith G3VKI

Who knows? Please cut him a little slack. Let us not forget that the school kids are on holiday. As a noted coward and pedophobe Aero Spike must be feeling awful at this time of year. Do not forget that he was the one who gave us these gems....

'I was afraid to leave my home' 'I was too scared to take leave from work' etc.

A person so cowardly can only really hit back by posting nonsense on the NGs

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What a very childish response.

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Unheard of for Gareth to post anything helpful.

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: Unheard of for Gareth to post anything helpful. : :

5.6 on the cluckometer
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you know something could always jump out of a bush and grab us,

With Regards to the post: I have nt been direcly involed in this Area too much but The Theory may be incomplete, the fascinating thing is that it may be a Missing Quantity that if Factored in would allow for sampling at the Stage or Unique Condition you want to Resolve for.

The answer Probably lyes in a provocted (not intentional) Hysterical Stage Linking All Parameters into One, =DF=3D(1)for=83Q, as in a Mildly Ionized Environment., if you can incorporate the above changing =DF to your Fixed variables under the constant Q or charge you might get a sampling through =83, ~ KIds Stuff.

I did: but without using math }:-)

[I basicly use availabe products with the Known Parameters incorporated into them and Test them with all available conditions On, after, I can easily figure out the annomalies]
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Roy Q.T.

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