Liquid Tape Question


Regarding the Gardner-Bender Liquid Tape Product.

Have a connection (117 V) in a house Service Box that is presently taped, but quite hard to get to. Would like to add a bit more insulation to it.

Anyone ever use this Liquid Tape product ?

I would imagine that 3M has a comparable product ? If so, "better"?

Anyway, their site is very sparse re any good technical info. for it.

Can it be used over electrical tape, or will it disolve or otherwise harm the tape ? The tape's adhesive, e.g. ?

The reason I'm concerned is that they apparently use a Hexane solvent in it, and this is a pretty potent solvent, I would think ?

Or, is it just used for Non-taped joints ?

Thanks, Bob

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Stick with Scotch 88 or Scotch 33+ for cold temperature applications. These have worked for 30 years.

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Gerald Newton

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