Loctite 249 Quicktape Tape Threadlocker Non-liquid

I guess this stuff was released last year, but I just saw some at my local
industrial supplier
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I bought a roll of it, but not for any particular purpose, just to try out
when the need arises.
This may be/could be a useful product for hardware that secures plastic
materials (but not in contact with, where the liquid threadlocker products
cause the plastics to break down and fall apart.
This tape-like product.. actually more like thin plastic film, is similar to
teflon tape in a plastic spool dispenser/holder.
The manufacturer decided to use a different (likely expensive) holder of
metallic-looking silver plastic material shaped like a hex nut for packagng
this product.
The package contents are shown as 0.5" x 260" (about $20 at various
The usage instructions recommend wrapping 2-3 turns overlapped on the
(clean, dry etc) fastener threads, while applying slight tension.
I've never had any trouble with liquid Loctite products going bad from age
when stored at cool or room temps, but I suspect that a roll of this stuff
could possibly turn into a useless glob if exposed to heat, such as left on
a dashboard in the sun.
I generally use the medium/blue product, but have also kept small amounts of
the red stuff for semi-permanent installations.
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--Have you seen the stuff that's like chapstick? That stuff rocks and it's safe to keep in a pocket..
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I hadn't seen the stick form, and in searching I found that there are small and larger sizes (9g, 19g) and both medium hold blue and hi-strength red.
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