looking for system that responds to noise with noise

Hi everyone,

I have neighbors who think the sound of their radio stops at the fence. Or who don't give a damn about the fact that our entire family has to listen to their stupid music from noon to ten and there is nowhere to hide from it. Asking them nicely to stop it worked for a while but they are at it again.

One of the avenues I am exploring is a system that detects loud noise, or loud noise in the deep registers and in response it emits some very annoying loud high pitched sound.

This way I could perform some operant conditioning on these people who obviusly are not smart enough to realize they they bother me.

The idea is that every time their music sounds up the system kicks in and it stops a few seconds after they stop the music. Presumably this would eventually lead to them finding an acceptble SPL. The origin of a loud high pitched sound would be hard to locate due to the reverberations but frankly I don't care even if they figure me out.

Any help would be appreciated.



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It sounds more likely to start a war than stop the bad behavior.

If you do set something up, use music that will annoy them as a counter-irritant.


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Repeating Rifle

there once was a little piggy who was being annoyed by a wolf. the piggy set his house on fire to scare the wolf away.

the wolf returned with his buddies and dined on roast pork.

the piggy might have been wiser to cook the wolf a dinner.

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A thought would be to have a microphone connected via a low pass filter to a diode mixer (called a ring modulator), a local oscillator in the mid audio range connected to the mixer, and a high pass filter connecting all this to a high power audio amplifier and horn speaker. With all adjusted correctly, the offending low frequency audio would be returned in a much higher, annoying register, and feedback would be minimal.

I have attached a couple links, one is a schematic for a sophisticated ring modulated, the other is an e-bay item which is a bruite force passive device which is the classical design. You can also buy professional units from music dealers, or use a soundcard software solution.

Wish I had thought of this when I lived in Miami behind "Brian" and all his noise. The Toyota ads were the worst part..


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Asu wrote:

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Super Barks a lot or the Barks a lot products sort of have the technology that your looking for. I have one because of the mutt next door. I bought mine at JC Penny's on line

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Asu said

This might give you some ideas. It's kinda related. It is also some pretty funny reading.

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Are they playing the radio? Perhaps a low power FM transmitter is in order. I figure a very infrequent but very high pitched squeal would yield a desire to keep the music down a bit. Follow all the FCC regulations of course. ;-)

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My late father had the right idea - when neighbours in the rental property next door partied loudly until the small hours, and wouldn't turn their volume down (this was in the days before we had noise control).

On the same side of the house as the noisy neighbour, he opened a window and put a stereo speaker on the window-sill, then played some Japanese music he had available (at full volume of course).

Miraculously the noisy neighbours turned their stereo down very quickly! :-)

You could of course tip off your local noise control people, or get other nearby neighbours to join your complaints to the offending people.

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