Medium Voltage Cable Market Trends, Business Strategies and Opportunities with Key Players Analysis

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0000470 Electricity conducting cables ranging from 2,000 V to 35,000 V is termed as medium voltage cables. These cables are generally used in mobile substatio n equipment for distribution of electricity to mining and industrial settin gs. The construction of medium voltage cables differs vastly from low volta ge cables as most of the medium voltage cables offer extra round of protect ion which prevents the generation of build - up charges along the medium vo ltage cables.
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Here in Iraklion, Crete, Greece Iraklion is powered with 3 150/20 kV substations. One in Therissos is powered with a buried 150 kV as the overhead line passed over a heavy inhabited area and they took it off. From the substation several dozens of buried 20 kV cables run to feed the city. Ditto for the other major substation in Katsabas which has 2 double-circuit 150 kV circuits(overhead), one coming directly from the new power station in Artherinolakkos (mazut-heavy fuel-both 2 stroke diesels and medium size steam units). The former has an outdoor switchyard, the other an indoor although only for the 20 kV circuits. One time they made a serious mistake and they opened an 20 kV disconnect switch without first opening the circuit breaker and there was a huge explosion, the disconnect switch of course was completely destroyed, the flash blackened all the walls, and the 2 workers were catapulted out having all their facial hair burned.

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