Need one more neutral bus connection


I posted this in but I thought I'd ask in a more specific newsgroup as well..

I'm adding two double pole 20A 12-3 wire circuits to my breaker box for

my basement. Each of the two 12-3 runs is split into two 110v circuits

(alternating circuits between outlets along the run) with the neutral for each run being shared between the two alternating circuits.

Because I have two of these runs, I have to connect two white neutral wires to the neutral bar in my breaker box. Unfortulately, I only have

one open connection on my neutral bar left.

**Since this is my main panel for my house**** (not a sub-panel). What do I have to do so I can get the extra neutral connection I need? I have open neutral bar connections. Because this is my main panel for the house, can I use one of the open connections on the ground bar for the final neutral wire I have

And before anyone asks, no my 150AMP Siemens panel is not overloaded.

Thanks, Kevin

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I would pigy back a2 ground wire and do it that way or add another ground/nurutal buss barr and move all the ground to it and connect it with a piece of 4 gauge wire...

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Phillip Devoll

Read the panel documentation. MOST residential panels ARE rated for more than one wire OF THE SAME SIZE under the neutral and ground bars. Check to be sure.

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Not permitted for neutrals (408.41).


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I agree not for nutrals but for grounds

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Phillip Devoll

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