Need to do some electrical work in the attic

I need to get into my attic and put a new ceeling box for one the bedroom fans, however, the attic has big flexible Central Air Unit ducting all over the attic, I wonder if I can briefly lay on top of this ducting to get to the place I need to get without the ducting tearing. Are this ducts made to resist a reasonable amount of weight?

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If they are like the ones in my attic, a rat would squash them. They are nothing but some thin plastic film with insulation over a coil of spring wire coil to hold them open. Any weight at all will flatten them.

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Bob Eld

You didn't say where you were and what kind of roof slope you have but if this is the typical 3:12 Florida attic the less you move around the better. Your ducts will definately be damaged if you lean on them. I like blue Smurf tube for snaking wires around in the attic. It is stiff enough that you can whip and push it almost anywhere.I would try to get a helper to stick a hand up through the hole where the box goes and you try to shoot the smurf to them. It may take a few tries but that is better than crushing your ductwork and pumping your A/C into the attic. Once you get the smurf snapped into the new box you can push your conductors in. Tape the ends so you have a blunt point and no sharp edges that will snag on the corrogations.

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