Help Needed: Installing new ceiling fan and need power

OK, here it is. In my master bedroom I have one, single pole, switch on my wall. This switch controls two seperate outlets in my room.

I just intalled a support in the middle of my master bedroom for a ceiling fan (via attic access). I currently have no wires running to the new ceiling fan junction box. Here is what I *want* to do.

1) I want to take the two outlets, mentioned above, off of the switch. I have no need for these outlets to be controled by a switch (stinking alarm clock!)

2) I want to utilize the switch for my newly installed ceiling fan.

I have a 14/2 power feed coming into the existing switch box. One black wire and one white. I'm assuming this is a switch loop setup. If I simply connect the black wire to the white wire and remove them from the switch, my outlets stay on continuously. However, how do I set the fan up to use the switch?

I purchased 14/3 wire to run from the fan to the switch. I don't plan on using the red wire for now (that can be another project). The wires that runs from the switch to my outlets run pretty close to my new ceiling fan junction box in the attic.

The question is how do I utilize the new wire to get my ceiling fan going on the switch? In addition, how do I keep the outlets on all of the time? Any help will be greatly apprieciated.

- Keith Credendino

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Keith Credendino
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Only one 14-2 cable with a black and white. You may have a big problem. This description means to me that the plug make up was where the power is and all they did was bring up a single cable using it connected through the switch to complete the circuit. If this is the case your going to need an constant hot to the switch and then up the fan box. Or you can do what the dude that had my house before did. He put remotes on the fans. I have 3 speeds and light control. I just leave the switches on the wall on all of the time and use the remote. You really need to check with an local expert to be sure of your description

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I just opened one of my outlets. It appears as if the power runs to the outlet and then one 14/2 cable goes to the switch. That really stinks. It sounds like I need to find a constant hot to the switch. I'm sure I can find that in the attic somewhere. Assuming I find one, do I just cut the wires, insert a new 14/2 by pigtailing three black wires together and three white wires and then run the new wire to the switch? Do I then remove the wire that was going to the outlet from the switch and rearrage those wires to keep the outlets continuously hot?

Am I on the right path?

Even if I decide to go the remote option, I still need to figure out a way to get power to the fan.

Thanks for the reply.

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Keith Credendino

Easy. rewire the outlet that is switched so that everything is parallel ( 'color to color'). Now you have a hot/neutral @the switch box. fish your

14-3 from fan to switchbox. You might want to get a 'stack' switch (two switches in one device) to be ready if you get a light kit for the fan.


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John Ray

I suspect that there is not enough room in the j-boxes to be code legal. Fro the neede wiring. That said, you need to run one and only 1 cable - from the fan to the switch box. You then need to change the wiring at the outlet box. What you have there is 3 cables. A cable with a black and a white enters the box and brings power in. A black and a white pair go to the switch. Another black and white pair go to the second outlet. At the junction box with the three cables, you need to connect all the blacks togehter and add a 6" jumper from that connection to the brass colored screw on the receptacle. Do the same with the white wires, except the 6" jumper goes to the silver colored screw.

At the switch box, the white and black wires will now bring power in. Your new 14-2 cable runs from the fan to that switch box, and the two white wires are connected together with a wire nut. The two black wires go to the switch terminals.

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Thanks for all of the great responses. I will give this a try tomorrow morning and report back to everybody.

Thanks again....and wish me luck.

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Keith Credendino

Got it! I rewired the wires coming into the outlet box as you guys described. I used the 6" jumper, etc.. As a result, the wire running to the switch became hot. I then ran a wire from the fan junction box to the switch using some fish tape. (Tieing some twine to the fish tape hook really made it very simple to pull through the switch junction box.) I rewired the junction box as described in your posts.

Result? All works. The two outlets are now always hot and the switch operates the ceiling fan. Thanks for all of the help, guys. It's always nice to see others take time to respond to questions such as these.

Have a great holiday season.

- Keith Credendino Atlanta, GA

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Keith Credendino

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