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You are all wrong. The electrician should lose his license. Read the directions for the fan. If you are not using a light fixture accessory on the fan then connect the black and red wire from the to the black wire from the ceiling. The ground wire, green or bare copper, from the ceiling gets bonded to the metallic ceiling box and bonded to the fan hanger assembly. White is always connected to white.

>You described exactly what I did, thanks! Since my fan has no light on it I > >take it I can connect the Red and the Black (Hot) wires from the ceiling to > >the Black (Hot) wire on the fan. So both wall switches will control the > >fan. If I did have a light I could then connect the Blue wire on the fan to > >one of the hot ceiling wires I take it. But since I don't would I be ok > >connecting both the hot ceiling wires together. > > > No no no -- use only one of the hots not both -- they could be the > same CCT, they could be the same phase, or they could be different > phases, you could either create another short, or hinder the effect > of the over current, depending on how it's wired. > > Use only one of the hots, not both. > > Chris > Licensed Electrician.
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john barton
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The original poster said: "Was hooking up a ceiling fan today and noticed the wires from the ceiling were Black, White and Red."

Go take some remedial reading before telling everyone who responded "You are all wrong." None of the replies - until yours - were wrong. The red wire does not get connected to anything. The red wire is a ceiling wire - not a fan wire.

Read his post again. He does not have a green or bare wire from the ceiling. If you are going to mention it, then you need to tell him to "add a green or bare wire ..." or you could simply sit quietly on the sidelines and read the post by Bob Weiss who addressed the subject properly.

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