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Using a wire tester to check my wiring configuration before installing a ceiling fine I am finding that only the Red Wire and the Bare Ground complete the circuit! I am not an electrician, but I believe this configuration is wrong -- and possibly dangerous. The light (before I attempted to install the fan) worked fine -- so I assume that using the same configuration for the fine would be fine too.

I assume that if I use the bare wire as the black that the fan would power as expected, but my house is still under warranty and I wanted to hear what a recommended course would be from a certified electrician. Is there too much risk with going with this configuration, or does the above raise enough concern to get a certified elctrician to look at it.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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Why are you checking it with a tester? I always wire them right out of the box and they always work.

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As an electrian it sounds wrong to me. Either misaprehension on your part or a bad job. Since the "bare" wire is normally earth it is illegal and dangerous to use it (earth) as a return. Since your house is still under warranty I would as for an inspection from a qualified tradesperson of the whole house as a precaution.

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Rheilly Phoull

I thought there weren't enough conflicting answers yet, so...

You havn't supplied enough information about what you have.


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"rpboll" wrote in news:1145246765.105821.157840 @t31g2000cwb.googlegroups.com:

How many wires in the box, and what color? Are there 2 or more switches that operate this same light? What country are you in?

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The instructions don't allow the bare wire to be used as a hot. How simple can it get? black or red to hot, white to neutral or grounded conductor, bare to grounding conductor. I doubt that the homeowner knows how to read the meter.

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