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Good Afternoon Ladies and Gents

My apology if the answer to this is blatently obvious. I'm fairly new to both electronics and this newsgroup.

I'm building a wireless-guitar-lead setup. I've found an FM Transmitter Circuit that sounds appropriate

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Question: How do I change it from using a Electret Mic. to a Guitar Jack? I havn't used the mics before, and am unsure if I can just hook the guitar jack up instead of the microphone, or if additional (or removing) other circuitry is needed

Thankyou in advance


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Hey, this is like re-living the early '60s all over again !

Does the guitar have a pick up coil or a microphone?

Anyway, just try it.

You will have either

Too much guitar input : (Overloading/Distortion). Try removing C3 &/or increasing R6

About right : (Deep Joy).

Too low guitar input : (Low audio). Try removing R6 &/or Add another stage of amplification, replicate the Q1 stage with/without it's C(3)

You just made a happy man very old.


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Derek ^

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