Newbie question on EMT to romex.

I am in the process of doing a complete remodel of a bathroom. My question is that I plan on running 3/4 EMT from SE through my garage for wire feeds. Then I would run EMT to handy box mounted on garage ceiling with romex being run up through wall into the bath area. Can I connect the conduit wires with romex for this run. Does the code say anything about conduit to box to other types of wiring?


Bob K.

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If romex is permitted for the bathroom, the fact that you will also have emt at the junction box at the other end (the garage) does not change that.


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it sounds like a good idea. Having a 'home-run' damaged bites, and using emt sounds good. One thing that kinda makes me wonder, why

3/4"? Makes me wonder if you are over doing something, or doing something wrong.



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The Real Tom

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