Perfect data decoder for SWL?

Hello all,

This might seem a strange request but I am in the process of building a data-decoder for reception of various modes (started as a project for myself) and am now thinking of making it available as a low cost kit for sale. I would like some input from SWL's as to what they would like to see in a 'perfect data decoder'

Some of the features it currently has are:-

1) uP 'smart design' (ie, decoding is done in the unit and output is done via RS232 to PC, this should make it able to run on any system with a terminal emulator program) 2) Selectable band-pass filters on the input to improve s/n 3) Die-cast case/RS232 connector & shielded cables to minimize PC noise. 4) LED tuning bar-graph 5) Switchable (unfiltered/filtered) head-phone out jack with separate volume control. 6) Modes currently supported: CW, RTTY(45,50,75,100,110), TOR, FEC - any other modes you would like to see? doesn't necessarily have to be HF specific modes. 7) Upgradable 'firmware' via RS232.

Any ideas anyone?

Do you think anyone might buy something like this?

Answers on a postcard please.........

sholto AT mfire DOT com

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The NEC V850ES/KF1 which I am currently evaluating for a client looks interesting. It's a 32 bit RISC microcontroller with plenty of I/O; 128K Flash, 6K internal RAM extendable with a further 128K of external RAM.

It could be the micro that knocks the PIC range for 6! All those annoying limitations of memory and word length just flew out of the window!

Sadly, the instruction set is not that of the ARM, which seems to be ubiquitous elsewhere.

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Ryan Breai

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