Pressure Transducer Calibration Kit for High Pressure Oxygen Systems

I am looking for a pressure transducer calibration kit that I can use
to verify the calibration of pressure transducers around the test labs
that I work at. The kit would need to be compatible with Oxygen (no
hydrocarbon exposure) and service the following pressure ranges:
We have so many pressure transducers that it has become impractical to
send these back to the manufacturer for calibration. I would prefer
to have a calibration kit that I then send for re-calibration on a
yearly schedule.
All input is greatly appreciated!
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Without stating what accuracy and what precision is required your request is meaningless.
Multiple setups are indicated.
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Hi JeffM,
Thanks for the most helpful response.
I'm looking for < 1% FS uncertainty. I'm considering the Fluke 717 1500G for 1500psi down to 100psi (this would give =B10.75psi which is less than 1% at 100psi). Then getting the 700P31 10,000 psi transducer which woul give about =B15 psi which is better than 1% for 1500 to 10,000. What do you think about that model?
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Are those the uncertainties you want for the finished calibrated instruments, or are those what you need in the calibration standards? The standard typically needs better accuracy than the desired result. You will also need to factor in the uncertainty from the outside calibration lab. Just as an observation, if you want 1% accuracy in your instruments you will need to look at 0.1% or better standards. Also, you don't want to use a 10,000 psi transducer for a 1500 psi calibration. As Jeff pointed out, you will probably need several different standards to cover your desired range.
If you are going to do your own calibration, you need to learn some things about metrology. There is a lot more to it than meets the eye. Fluke has some pretty good reference material available (at least they did at one time. I have not looked at it recently).
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Ben Miller
Here is one more comment. You don't need to send transducers to the manufacturer. There are third party labs that provide calibration services. Given your quantity, they may be able to come in to your facility and calibrate on site. You might want to get some quotes.
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Ben Miller
several types are available from major companies like druck and it depends of location of course.
I live in holland and we do have a calibration truck with all the equipment in it to do calibrations based on NIST for pressure and for temp and length and weight max is 50 tons.
for you only pressure is important. please verify the equipment does notjhave copper or uses oil as this will give problems in the plant. it is too dangerous to test with oxygen so if possible use some inert gas like nitrogen or argon. I would use some weight calibration plungers as they are always good and reliable. In my business we sometimes use three way valves as we can leave the sensors in place and calibrate as they are.
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