Ancient home like the Munsters with vines wrapped around the service lead

Are these vines against NEC or other code - should they be removed from the drop as it connects to and runs down the side of the house?

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Per the NEC, you can't use vegetation to support the conductors, and the wiring must be protected from physical damage. If the vines are heavy enough to move the wires, damage the insulation or put strain on the connections, then I would trim them. Otherwise, they are technically OK.

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Ben Miller

In what form is the 'service lead' running down the side of the house? Typically, this will be inside conduit (most often steel). While damage due to the vines is less likely here, if they are heavy, they could pull the conduit off the wall.

If the vines are growing out along the service drop, their weight could be more of an issue. They will put more tension on the drop, possibly damaging your service mast or attachment point, and reduce its clearance from the ground. I'm not sure about your area, but the overhead conductors may be the responsibility of your local utility and they should be contacted to remedy this.

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Paul Hovnanian P.E.

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