Playing around with PCM

While I was modifying the program for my 33% Extra I decided to try a quick experiment. I changed the output on my Futaba 9ZAP from PCM to PPM modulation and then fired up my 8UAPS transmitter on PCM and the same frequency. The PCM receiver in the Extra continued to function unscathed with the two transmitters setting side by side. Knowing that this is too good to be true I extended the antenna on each transmitter and still observed the same results. After waving the antenna on the PPB unit I was able to induce PCM lockout. When the PPM transmitter was turned off or moved to a weaker signal situation the PCM instantly restored and went back to business as usual. What does this mean? Probably nothing in the overall scheme except that the PCM receivers seem to be harder to distract than their PPM counterparts.

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