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Following is a description of a product I need and I believe several others would be interested in also.

I have a CNC Mill that positions from feedback from Linear glass scale encoders reading directly from the axis'.

I would like to upgrade my old proprietary controller with a PC based controller.

Common PC based CNC software outputs step and direction signals for stepper or servo motor drives. This is fine for incrementing or decrementing the position of the motors, but doesn't directly indicate that the axis moved that amount. Most of the programs have backlash compensation but that doesn't account for the fact that the lead screws have more backlash where they have the most wear.

I'm looking for something that will receive a step and direction signal from my PC and output an analog +-10V signal to my servo drives. The DESTINATION would be incremented or decremented by step and direction signal from the PC. The ACTUAL_POSITION would be incremented or decremented by the linear encoders quadrature input. The ERROR = DESTINATION - ACTUAL_POSITION. The OUTPUT = ERROR * GAIN (PWM or Analog output gets fed into op amp where it is offset and amplified to get the + - 10V signal for the servo amplifiers.)

Another configuration of this would output a step and direction signal at a rate determined by ERROR * GAIN.

This would allow stepper and servo systems to use actual feedback positioning and compensate for backlash, lead screw wear & error, etc.

Just thought perhaps someone here is looking for a product idea, or knows if something like this already exists.

Thanks RogerN

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