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> >Wowee! Out of fossil fuels in 50 years! I've heard figures stretching clear
> >out to 300 years. It all depends on the political orientation of the > >writer.
You said it. And the orientation of this writer is liberal bleeding
heart tree-hugging moron. You see these "green people" everywhere
these days spewing their nonsense. They think they are "caring" and
so much "smarter" than you and I because they are so "green".
Only trouble is they haven't a scientific or engineering clue. Allow
me to get out the cluefish and give them a smack. Solar, wind, hydro
(except for the dams we mostly already have) and all the other day
dreams can't possibly compete with fossil fuels. You'd have to cover
the whole state of Texas with solar cells to get just enough energy to
equal that coming out of ONE gas station! Anybody here ever actually
TRY to use solar cells? Sure great for some roadside sign or the
marker lights on your driveway, but run your refrigerator or washer?
It'd be cheaper to HIRE a laundry to do your clothes. (and of course,
they'd be burning fossil fuels!)
Here's the problem with these lefty bleeding hearts. QUANTITY is a
concept WAY over their heads! They are all "idea men" but can't make
anything practical work. The bottom line is that all these "green"
ideas are total bullshit pie-in-the-sky crapola. NONE of it can
work. The ANSWER to this problem of fossil fuels (and make no mistake
it IS a real problem) simply hasn't been found yet. Until it is, all
this bleeding heart propaganda is simply so much chaff in the wind.
In the meantime, we DO need to think about a few things which are NOT
windmills, water wheels, and solar cells!
1. First would be conservation of petroleum. Crude Oil is an AMAZING
resource. It's a great raw material for all kinds of nifty plastics
and chemicals especially fertilizers needed for food production to
keep an over-populated planet alive!!! Doing STUPID things like
burning it to heat your house or drive a giant SUV around that you
really don't need is only going to make plastic cost like metal one
day soon. Height of human stupidity would be an example like burning
oil wells in Kuwait for spite. Apparently Saddam and his boys didn't
consider themselves part of the human race.
2. There is lots of coal and lots of natural gas. So it make sense to
find ways (some are already known) to use these fossil fuels for heat
instead of valuable raw materials like oil.
This kind of research and stop-gap measures push doomsday off for at
least a few hundred years in which time HOPEFULLY a REAL solution to
the problem of energy can be found.
3. Bio-fuels (except for using waste grease etc.) are TOTAL clap-trap!
Alcohol from corn takes MORE OIL to make that if you simply burned the
oil in the first place. Talk about not having a clue. PLUS you get the
wondrous side effect of driving food prices through the roof! Thank
you tree-huggers!
4. Hey there are already some things that make sense. Curlycue light
bulbs cut my electric bill in half. Yes, there is a mercury disposal
problem but things like that can be solved. How to get enough power
out of windmills can't.
5. This WHOLE ignorant mentality that has been promoted since say the
1950's of a "disposable" world has GOT to be reversed! The waste of
short-supply raw materials is not helped at ALL by a mentality whereby
some 10 cent item comes from the store in $1.50 worth of plastic
packaging. STUPID! Anybody here old enough to remember the Milkman?
Ok, aluminum cans do have a certain recycleability, but washing milk
bottles and using them over and over sure beats burning a bunch of oil
to make throw-away glass or oil used to make plastic throw-away
bottles or even fossil fuels used to melt aluminum cans to make new
cans! What? One day I suppose the "BIG" liberal idea will be to "mine"
old dumps for plastic pop bottles then made feasible by the
astronomical cost of plastic.
6. The final suggestion if for all these leftie tree-huggers to pull
their heads out of their asses, start CALCULATING real quantities and
make some assessments based upon some REAL numbers rather than simply
"feeling good". This is MUCH too important a problem to allow
political agendas to creep in and undermine any serious efforts to
keep us all alive for a while. As the Romans found, the price of
stupidity is to bring in a wondrous dark age where the problem is
fixed not with technology but by depopulation. Not MY idea of the best
I have NO doubt that one day soon some really decent source of
"renewable" energy will be found. And when it is we should jump right
on it without batting an eye. But until it is stupid crap like this
"blogspot" only insures that all of civilization will crash and burn
sooner than it already is. Think about it! Especially you engineers
who are supposed to know better.
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Don't forget about Nuke plants. Ever since the 3-mile Island plant perrformed like it was supposed to in an emergency, we have basically written off that side of energy production. China has over 200 nuke plants on the drawing board, and / or emerging. When those are online, their energy will be so cheap that we will never catch up.
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Long Ranger

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