repair APC Smart-UPS: any dangers lurking inside?

My trusty old APC Smart-UPS SU-1500 is still working fine
generally, only that the C13/C14 output jacks in the back
(made from plastic) have become so brittle as to crumble
under the slightest pressure, so that one cannot
plug in anything anymore.
So I want to try and wire in new sockets. SHould be easy
enough, but:
After I remove the battery, and of course disconnect it
from mains etc, *and* disconnect the battery-connection
plug/socket safety at the back....
Could there still be any dangers (large, slow-dissipation)
capacitors lurking inside that might give me a nasty surprise
(I know camera flashlights are dangerous that way), or should
it be safe after 1-2 days off any power-source?
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Mathias Koerber
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Much depends on whether or not the engineer who designed it included bleede r resisters to drain the large capacitors. If you are comfortable working inside the electronics you need only shunt the capacitors out of the circui t by attaching clip leads across the capacitor terminals. Very large capac itors are shipped with a shorting bar across the terminals so that they can not build up a charge by exposure to strong electromagnetic fields and then discharge that charge through the first human being who then tries to hand le them during storage or installation.
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Tom Horne

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