House-sitting for millenials

?How do I turn off the bathroom light??

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That reminds me of the time I was writing the software to control the air conditioner (both in the wall thermostats and on the web), and my wife yelled at me because she couldn't figure out how to make the house cooler.

New general rule: if your wife can't figure out how to use it, you've failed.

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DJ Delorie

probably fake.

but I did see a young woman walk right into a convenience store door once, because she thought it would open automatically.

She was Asian, though, looked like not a native so I don't really blame her. I blame America for being less technologically sophisticated than Bulgaria.

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Conversely, years ago I saw a middle-aged lady walk backwards out onto the pavement (=sidewalk) because her hands were full and she expected to have to open the shop door with her back (but didn't!)...


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Of course the fact that she wasn't watching where she was going was of no consequence.

Only a lefty would think Bulgaria was in Asia.

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There is an expectation thing, too. My wife was sitting in the cold because she said she didn't know how to turn up the smart thermostat. "Here, twist this thingy (grabs big ring on thermostat) and this needle thing points to the temperature and these numbers...". She expected it to be hard but it was just like any other.

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