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Tha's OK; wasint ment fer a reel engine ear neway; I usta dreama bein a infrared engineer and now I R one.

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Yeah, I knew that; the comment was aimed at a few specific dunderheads, not the "real" people here. I know I shouldn't, but sometimes when I'm in a particularly good mood it's entertaining to bait them and then just ignore them. That way one can rationalize that even the non-sapient beings contribute at least minimally to the group.

I thought I'd enjoy that end of things too at one time but as my health turned out it's a good thing I let them bolt my ass to a chair; I'd have never made it in the activity-oriented' world..

I know they did, and I hope my temporary rantings didn't PO them too badly. Now I'm seeing more signs of intelligent life here I just might spend some time here. I might be "old" by some standards but I can still contribute and am still looking forward to the actual retirement age. I've been "retired" for health reasons for several years but I like to keep my fingers in the pie and know a little about what's up in the industries.


Yes, it does Don, thanks. Your post is what I often consider the clarification/verification end of things that shows which set of answers were probably the most accurate in cases where there might be multiple camps on a subject. And I don't count non-sapients as a camp.



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lol, hey, a sense of humor! Well, comedic at least, if nothing else. It's obvious you know the answer so I won't spoil it for those who are waiting to see what it is.

There's that sense of humor again! Heck no I ain't no Democ rat! Nor am I a Republic can! Don't you know any better than to bring religion or politics into a discussion? Gads, this thread will go on for months, now! Even a good Christian like myself knows better than that, fer cryin' out loud! I guess to be accurate you'd have to say I'm not a good Catholic OR Protestant, although I'll attend either church; but I'm a good catholic-protestant! Just keeping it accurate. So follow my lead and never, *ever* mention that kind of thing, OK?



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Perhaps you should actually attempt to word the question correctly then, dipshit.

All digital is analog in the most scrutinizing analysis.

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That reminded me of this:


It's not my job to run this train;

The whistle I can't blow.

It's not my place to say how far

The train is allowed to go.

It's not my job to shoot off steam

Nor even clang the bell.

But let the damn thing

Jump the track . . .

and see who catches Hell!

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