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I've worked extensively with Protool but I've never seen Intouch, WINCC or
any other package. With my experience of Protool would I easilly be able to
adapt to these packages, indeed is there much difference?
Cheers Guys Bob
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bob watkinson
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I have never used Protool. I have used Iconics, Intelliousion, and WonderWare. Getting use to the key strokes is the hardest part for me.
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Prolool is based on a TP or an OP. You always see a OP or TP on the background, and you can link a function on a button.
WinCC is often based on a PC, and many and many more functions. When you will make a prober program you need a lot of study.
Also you have to make a choise for a program langwitch S7 or PCS7. With PCS7 you heve a very powerfull system. Normaly for bigger machines.
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I have used Protool Pro & InTouch (wonderware) and I find both of them pretty much the same and very limited.
Try some of the Biejer scada stuff. Very open, very scriptable & cheaper.
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