Scams and Enablers..

I defer the discussion of whether or not the devices have any
usefulness to the average consumer (I'm quite sure that they don't),
and instead point out the lack of professionalism of the average
"Professional Electrical Contractor" as evidenced in:
formatting link

Since the above posts show clearly that the average electrician will
install such devices, probably without clearly informing their
customer of their uselessness, it is no wonder that such scams
continue to be perpetrated upon the public.
It seems, from my point of view, that the "professionals" a consumer
would employ to install such a device (not the engineers to who I am
speaking here) are scamming the public just as the sellers are.
So perhaps the real engineers here should be warning those who travel
this way in search of more information, that both the sellers and the
contractors will be very happy to take your money. Professionals?
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