Simple LM340 question

I'm using 6 LM340 (5-volt) regulators with the input voltage driving all of them and the outputs driving seperate loads.

The datasheet specs 0.22uF capacitors on the input; since all the inputs are connected in parallel, does this mean I should use one capacitor of

1.32uF (6 * 0.22uf) ?
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The datasheet goes on to say that the input capacitor is not needed at all, if the LM340 is close to the power supply filter.

If there is already a decoupling capacitor across the power rail within

2-3 inches of track from the input pin, no need to add another. If there isn't, add a 0.22uF. That capacitor then also acts as a decoupling capacitor, when considering the need to add a capacitor to other regulators. No need to increase its value.
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