Still kickin' strong after eight years (upgraded of course)

Nice cases make for easy upgrades and maintenance.

Hard drive cages, fan cages, etc. all serviceable. Good stuff.

Check out 'Old Alumasides'...

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You sound aggressive and bitter behind your joy for your upgraded gadgery..Maybe you too need to come in for a check up of your anal capacity and misgiven pride...You are exposing your metal box friend to the trolls and abuser of the Internet, that is a sure sign of discontentment. Thank you, Come again. Dr. Ury

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Dr. Inj Ury Phd.

On Aug 29, 2:27 pm, "Dr. Inj Ury Phd." ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Still going to claim that you, "Proteus" and "Dr. Inj Ury" are three separate people, Roy?

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Michael Moroney

Since when do any of those sockpuppets qualify as people?

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Michael A. Terrell

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