Successor to Philips PM5134

Hey folks:

I've looked and from what I can see in various catalogs not much is specificly is mentioned about various function generator's pulse output. I've inherited (where I work) a Philips PM5134 with a really nice 0-10 volt pulse signal with a smoothly varying duty cycle. While sweeping through the duty cycle the low voltage stays right at ground and the 10 volts stays right at 10 volts. For the most part it really works well, but a couple of these things are getting old and (like an old TV) they aren't working as well as they once did. So what is the successor to the Philips PM5134. I examined an HP33220A yesterday and the pulse width varies smoothly, but the high doesn't stay at it's high (5 volts) and the ground drifts too. Maybe the thing was trying to convince me it was pushing it's signal through a capacitor, but I looked for a DC connection in the menu and didn't find one - so back to the original question - Anyone have a good line on a successor to the Philips PM5134 ? Did Philips go belly up ?

If any newsgroup could have an answer, I would imagine it would be this one - so, thanks in advance.

Warren (aka 2Penny)

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