Ancient Philips DRO scales- what to do with them


I have two very old Philips DRO scales that came with a nice toolmakers microscope ( gloat: Zeiss with all the trimmings and oculars ).

the scales each consist of: an encoder box, around 6" x 3,5" x 1,75" (150 x 90 x 45 mm) with a little window and a round 8-pin connector , type PE 2271/00, and a scale, basically a steel bar 10" x 1 1/8 square with a striped mirror glued onto it. no further designations. I can supply pics.

I don't have the resolver (and I'm glad - I saw a picture, and it looked about the size of a Bridgeport - think engineers in white coats..)

I suppose this stuff is pretty accurate, just old (my guess: 70s or early 80s) ; dealers say I should scrap them.

Free (plus shipping) to a good home? Megabucks to get that crucial machine up and running? Scrap?


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Hans van Dongen
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Scrap it? No! NeverEver! I think it's history and worth keeping it or giving it into _good_ hands.

No, I don't need it.


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Nick Müller

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