Technical discussion group for lightning protection, power quality, electrical shock medicine

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is the
Internet's only technical forum for anything to do with power quuality
after electricity leaves the power plant. It requires a (free) Yahoo
membership to join; all messages are moderated to eliminate idle
chatting and wrong information.
Most general questions have already been answered (use the message
search function), and the "links" are valuable.
From the front page:
Welcome! This moderated list is a professional forum for:
meteorologists, safety officials, engineers, architects, physicists,
laypeople, and medical personnel.
WE DISCUSS: protecting people, electronics and structures from
lightning; transient voltage surges; grounding; harmonics; and other
power quality concerns. * Medical references to lightning strike
recovery are available.
Proper education in lightning safety; Boating safety; Grounding and
testing/maintenance; Home protection; Broadcast towers; Fraudulent
claims and specifications; * Educating meteorologists, teachers,
public safety personnel in accurate lightning facts and safety.
CO-MODERATORS and LIST MEMBERS include recognized experts who
generously give their time in fostering accurate information and,
especially, saving lives (lightning safety).
THIS LIST IS NOT a substitute for correctly solving site problems.
That requires hiring (i.e., paying) a qualified, experienced power
quality Electrical Engineer (E.E.) or Professional Engineer (P.E.)! We
like hearing about difficult situations and scientifically proven
effective solutions.
POSTING MESSAGES: In signing each message, we request that a poster
intending to supply authoritative information clearly identify his or
her true name and work affiliation (credentials) as well as provide
citations for technical advice given. Questions are welcome. ("There
are no stupid questions, ....") We moderate all messages to restrict
most of the chatter and encourage valid information.
Please examine "Files" and "Links" for useful information. Your
questions might already be answered there.
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