[Announcement] ROCI Launch June 25 and 26

ROCI will be flying HPR at the AMA in Muncie, Indiana. All rocketeers
are welcome.
June 25th & 26th, $10.00 per day or $15 for both days. Under 18 free.
Schedule (Both days):
9:00 AM - Set up range
9:45 AM - Registration begins
10:00 AM - Start launch operations
5:00 PM - Range closes, start range tear down and field clean up
We have secured a FAA Waiver to 8000' AGL. However, based on weather
conditions, we reserve the right impose stricter "Soft Limits". A "K"
motor limit will be in effect.
===== Additional information =====
Before you bring a rocket up to the Safety Check-in Table, be sure that
you have:
* Filled out and signed the registration form
Paid your daily range fee
* Received a badge/card that indicates your name and high power
certification level (if applicable)
* Have filled out a flight card. Extra flight cards are available
at the Registration Table.
Check in:
Any flyer wishing to exceed the established soft limits must obtain
approval from the Check-in Officer PRIOR to preparing the rocket for
flight. When permission to exceed the soft limits is obtained, the flyer
should prepare the rocket for flight and present it to the Check-in
Officer in the normal manner.
Complex rockets, (multi-motor, staged, etc) will be handled in the same
manner as rockets that exceed the soft limits.
Certified Motors:
Only motors certified by NAR or TRA will be allowed to fly. To find out
if your motor is certified, a list will be posted at the Registration
Table and the Safety Check-in Table.
A high power launch requires a large amount of teamwork. Please consider
volunteering for a range duty shift to help make this launch a success.
We will temporarily suspend launch operations anytime there are not
enough volunteers to fill all range duty positions.
High Power Certification:
NAR Level 1 and 2 certification flights may be attempted each day. If
you do not already have a Certification Team, talk with the RSO and one
will be provided for you. Be sure your team is with you prior to
prepping your rocket.
Please stay clear of the official range head area (where the launch
control personnel work) unless you have business there. No alcoholic
beverages may be consumed on site.
No smoking allowed in prep, check-in, vendor, or flying areas. Please
keep children and pets under your close supervision. If your rocket
lands in one of the launch pad areas, wait until that area is disarmed
before recovering your rocket.
Every participant and spectator is responsible for his or her own trash.
Small trash bags will be available at the registration tent. Please
check your prep area carefully at the end of each day and remove all trash.
Right to Fly:
The range crew have no obligation to allow models to fly. If, in their
best judgment, a model is unsafe then it shall not pass through
check-in. If technical doubts are present then they will consult with
the Range Safety Officer. The Range Safety Officer also has no
obligation to allow models to fly. The Range Safety Officer?s decisions
may not be appealed. The Launch Director may shut down the range
whenever the conditions warrant it. The Launch Directors decision to
close the range cannot be appealed.
Due to other events scheduled at the Aeromodeling Center
We will be using Family Radio Service (FRS) channels 4 and 5 (462.6375
and 462.6625 MHz FM) for official range communications. If you have a
set of FRS radios for personal communications, please stay off channels
4 and 5.
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Mario Perdue
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I just saw two exciting documentaries on cable TV about model rocketry and a national meet in Kansas. They didn't specifically mention if the public is routinely invited to attend either local club events or national meets, particularly of the high powered rockets. Nor did I see a clear answer on the Northern Illinois group's website. I live about a half hour southwest of Chicago. I would love to see such flights in person. Can one just show up and pay a fee to watch? Or would I have to join a club? Due to cerebral palsy, I use a wheelchair for mobility and I don't drive a car, so I know some sites would be difficult to access, but I would love to try to get to one nearby, and maybe the Kansas meet, too.
I've never done anything mechanical, so I don't think I could build or fly my own.
Thanks for your answers in advance, from a 49 year old follower of space and aviation history.
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Stephen M. Zumbo
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Jerry Irvine
Thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunately, the link failed.
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Stephen M. Zumbo
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shockie B)
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No need to join or pay as a spectator. If you have the time feel free to come down and watch.
Our launches are not as large as what they have in Kansas but we have a good time. Our launch site has very good access so I think you could be accommodated without any trouble.
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Mario Perdue
LDRS 2004 charged a $5 per day parking fee for spectators.
Brian Elfert
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Brian Elfert
I have.
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Jerry Irvine
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Jerry Irvine
IIRC, Balls also charges (or has charged in the past) for spectators, as the BLM wants their cut for anyone there.
But for local, even regional launches, I can't recall ever hearing of one that charged for spectators. I've been at regional launches where 5 folks might be there to support a launch, but only the launcher had to pay a fee.. I think that was the case when the Gila Monster kicked the Gate's Bros butts at Springfest a few years back!
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AZ Woody
BLM does not charge a per person fee. They charge a per event fee. It makes sense to charge the USERS for that small $25-50 EVENT fee out of the many excessively large $40-80 PER PERSON fees TRA/Balls charges to the users.
If TRA/Balls charges a spectator fee it is a "pure profit fee".
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Jerry Irvine
To expand on what Mario has said, Near the range head is a gravel parking lot, Check in usually has several large canopy on the grass where you could get out of the sun if neccessary. I Will be there next weekend with two other club members. One will be testing his GPS tracking unit and the other will be flying his K skidmark motor. If you come and need help getting around I will keep an eye out for you.
Dennis Watkins
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The moral of this story is don't insult your hosts.
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Phil Stein
There's no costs associated with spectators? Matbe no BLM costs. Oh yea - i'm asking the wrong guy since you have no way of knowing.
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Phil Stein
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Dave Grayvis
How. Buy asking if I may attend, saying "please". And having the President of the sponsoring national association say "yes".
Besides even the general public at large were invited to attend per posters at the local stores.
I do seem to be a member of the general public at large.
Besides, what would be the purpose of sending a team of three large guys to forceably remove a spectator who has said or done nothing since arrival?
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Jerry Irvine
No "marginal" cost. BLM Potties FAA ATF - ROFL
Large marginal benefit. (new member prospects)
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Jerry Irvine
Did not happen.
That's debatable.
Did not happen.
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Dave Grayvis
The purpose would be to remove a member who had created problems in the past, in order to pre-emptively prevent them from happening that time.
You are obviously referring to something that happened to you, and I have no knowledge of what their basis was to remove you, but to simply ask that question shows that you don't "get it".
I was a member of another 'user group' who had a member who went bananas for a while, forcing a schism in the group. The individual in question would try and disrupt meetings and the business of the group (to the point were a security guard was hired to protect the secretary). You can bet your bottom dollar that every time that individual showed up, that he was told to leave, and that if/when he didn't do so, the police were called for trespassing.
The same is true of a 'public' launch -- it's only public insofar as those who have permission from the 'owner' of the property deem it so. If it is on BLM land, and a permit has been granted for a specific area, then they have the 'right' to keep anyone at all from 'trespassing' within the event parameters.
If you were asked to leave some launch, for real or imagined reasons, the proper response is to either a) not go, or b) change the behavior that caused you to be ejected in the first place. I think/believe that you may have gone with option c) to do your own/attend others launches.
Regardless, it is naive/juvenile to give the "little old me wasn't doing anything, why were they picking on me???" mantra.
David Erbas-White
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David Erbas-White
None of your "criteria" for removal (trespassing) were activated then or ever.
You can speculate otherwise but it would not be the case.
And at what point does my saying please and the TRA President saying YES have any weight at LDRS-2001, a TRA event?
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Jerry Irvine

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