National Sport Launch Update! 12 days to go...

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Subject: [nsl2004] National Sport Launch Update! 12 days

In this update I would like to give an overview of the flow for launching rockets at NSL 2004. This flow is planned out to be as efficient as possible and we believe it will work. If things need to change then it can be done onsite. The first thing everyone will need to do is check in at the registration tent on their first day of flying. There you will receive your name tags and a packet of information about the event. In this package will be a map outlining the fence crossing points, no man’s land, refreshments, etc. There will also be a site rules package along with the appropriate penalties if the rules are broken (where needed). Some vendors have requested to be able to add a small amount of information to these packets as well. I believe Art Applewhite is going to include a free kit for the children to build onsite and fly if they would like. We will also be monitoring parking so that no one takes up more room than is required. We only have 2 rows of parking and would like to not have people walk forever (i.e. If you have a trailer etc then you need to park perpendicular and not parallel to the taxiway). Once the above is complete you are ready to fly. There will be one area in the center of the launch area (just in the grass about mid way between the taxiway and the runway). Here is where all the people responsible for flights will be located. The field RSO will be at various places making sure safety is always followed as well as keeping an eye on all L3 flights. In the central area you will first enter the safety check in. There will be two check in stations one for HPR and one for Modroc. You will need to fill out a flight card at this point unless you have already filled one out. Once approved for flight you will wait until the all clear is given to load another rack of rockets. The pad sections are setup so that we can load one set while the other is launching. You will be taken out in groups with a Pad manager who will have your flight card and assign you to a pad. Once loaded you and the pad manager will return to the safety zone around the LCO area. The pad manager will give your flight cards to the LCO/RSO who will be responsible for announcing and launching the flights. Once all flights in your section are done you will be able to go and recover your rocket. The LCO will put your flight card into the raffle box as each flight card is an entry into the raffle. The launch hours are from 9-5 on Saturday and Sunday, 9 –

2 on Monday. If you are available to help cleanup and pack away the launch area on Monday afternoon any help would be greatly appreciated. Everyone will be tired by this point so the more hands we can get the faster it will get done so we can all get home. As always if you have any questions please feel free to contact James Duffy or I. Jeff Short President AARG
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Is this a joke or is it for real? Is this hosted by the "Aggressively Anal Rocket Group"?

I worked GHS for years and NSL in phx, and attended SF and PB a few years.. This seems to be one of the following:

1) the post of a control freak 2) the post of someone who's never been to a "big" launch 3) the post of someone who expects NSL to be very small 4) the post of someone who will be lost 60 minutes after the gate opens, and will have very high Blood Pressure when an RV takes too much space. (I wouldn't want to be around when the RV folks fire off their generator or folks are partying past 10pm!)

I did laugh when I read it!

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