Using a touch sensor lamp with a wall switch

Hi everyone. First time posting here so hopefully my question is relevant.
I recently purchased a floor lamp (torchiere style, 3-way bulb) that I
really like, but it turns out not to work the way I had intended. What I
wanted was to leave it on at all times, but because it would be plugged
into an outlet controlled by a wall switch, I would use the wall switch
to turn it on and off. But what seems to be happening is that whenever I
turn it off from the wall, it just stays off, even after turning the
wall switch back on.
I assume this has to do with it being a touch-activated lamp. Could
someone explain how this works, why it does what it does, and if there's
some way around it?
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John Salerno
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The touch controller does not have any mermory. When you turn off the power and back on it starts in the off position. You could just remove the touch controller. It is usually in the base.
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How complicated is that to do? What would happen though? Would it stay on even if I removed it?
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John Salerno

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