Window AC thermostat

I have a 12KW window AC unit that has an electronic control. The old
control had a problem randomly beeping and raising the temp by one degree.
It would do this until the temp was over 80F. I never figured out what
caused it to do this but it was replaced with a new one. The new one
doesn't go random, but it also doesn't get as cool as the other one did.
The compressor comes on a lot less often. I told the service guy and he
says that the new control needs to be replaced. He says there is no
When cleaning the filter I noticed that there is a small sensor mounted to
the vents. It has a plastic base that is at least as wide as the sensor.
At first I assumed that this sensor was to measure the amount of cool air
returning to the unit. I took a piece of paper and covered the sensor to
see if this would allow the compressor to come on more.(this didn't work).
So I thought......the sensor could be to make sure there was air flow to the
unit (so the more the better) I took the paper off and moved the sensor so
less of the base was behind the sensor for more air flow to the sensor. (if
this helped it only helped a little).
Can air flow to this sensor matter? Was the service guy right?
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I don't know if this reply will be helpful, but here goes: I have a window AC that does NOT have the electronic control. It has a bulb type thermostat, where the bulb is mounted near the fins. The thermostat is adjustable internally - and that adjustment would almost never be performed by a serviceman. As I undertsand it, it is set at the factory. The internal adjustment is a limit, to insure things don't get too cold when the thermostat is turned to maximum cooling. Airflow to the bulb definitely affects its operation. I reset the limit on mine, to get more cooling. This worked, but it also allowed the AC to ice up on really humid days. (Icing up totally blocks the air flow, so you end up with no cooling.) I don't have a clue as to whether there is some similar adjustment with your electronic control.
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I find it most strange that a brand new replacement ELECTRONIC digital control panel unit would come from the factory un calibrated or incorrectly calibrated and no way for the service tech to adjust it.
I guess they have a shit load of them. This will be the second replacement. I would sell my Home Depot stock.
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I agree - except we are sometimes wrong in thinking the service tech will know. He/she may not have a clue about the control. Sometimes these appliance repair people are parts replacers only. Wouldn't it be a pain in the tail if that control has an internal adjustment and the tech just keeps replacing it until he gets one that happens to be properly adjusted?
It might be worth the effort to contact the control manufacturer and ask - assuming you can contact them.
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