Wire color code

I remember working with someone that showed me a color "code" for wiring
that the phone company used to order the wires on a phone punch down panel.
It went by wire pair like blue-white/white-blue,
Does anyone know the code and is it used today? Also would it likely be
used in the building of cables by manufacturers to set the order of wires to
pins in cables?
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Yes, it is still used. Perhaps EIA/TIA 568 has the full definition. The color scheme takes you to 25 pair. For larger cables, for example, a 100 pair cable, you have 4 bundles of 25 pair. You start with a white tracer, and the five pairs are blue, orange, green, brown and slate. Your first pair would then be blue-white, white-blue, etc. The other tracers are red, black, yellow, and violet. The pair colors repeat themselves so the 6th pair is blue-red, red-blue.
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Don Phillips
Thanks, that was what I needed!
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