LEGO-trains and more

And I want to inform you that today I have updated my LEGO-SALE-page

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with many new items - especially 12V-Train-items.

For example you will find on

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123 Passenger Coach 124 Goods Wagon 125 Tipping Waggon 126 Steam Locomotive 146 Level Crossing 147 Refridgerated Car with Forklift 148 Central Station 163 Cargo Wagon 721 Steam Locomotive 727 12 V Locomotive

... and many, many different tracks, signals, transformers etc...

But I also have added to

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some old sets from the seventies like

351 Loader Hopper With Truck 352 Windmill And Lory 358 Rocket Base 365 Wild West Scene 370 Police Headquaters 374 Fire Station 374 Fire Engine 375 Refrigerated Truck And Trailer 394 Harley Davidson 1000cc 456 Spirit Of St.Louis 616 Cargo Ship

... and many more.

Also still available:

4980 Tunnel Transporter 6335 Indy Transporter 6337 Fast Track Finish 6473 RES-Q Cruiser 6597 Century Skyway 6991 Monorail Transport Base

...and much more.

Please visit

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for details and prices and/or contact me under mailto:

As always - first come - first serve

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Franz Köck
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