Lugnet domain prob?

do you see,
formatting link
My searches return 'non-existent domain' from many different nameservers
here. (so it's not a problem of one particular ISP here).
Yesterday was everything okay.
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Well, you know that she's a teenager now, she has these little tantrums. Shes either having an upgrade, or got caught sneaking in late after being told to stay away from Mr Tycho. Bad company indeed.
One moment she's up, next she's down, up, down, up, down, (damn alot like me). Either way she'll take her punishment and get back to work.
I can't see any DOS or DDOS directed from locally, so either the box died, or it's getting upgraded.
ja mata jamie
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Seems non-existing from here too (Sweden). But I can see in the logs for the BlockCAD pages that a link from the
formatting link
page was followed today at approx GMT 19:31, so I suppose it has been up at least for a while.
It may be that lugnet is moving to another server, and it takes a while for a new ip to reach all DNS servers.
-- Anders Isaksson, Sweden BlockCAD:
formatting link
formatting link

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Anders Isaksson
But that would most probably lead to 'can't connect', because we would be getting old IP from DNS. But there's nothing in the DNS.
I checked their networksolutions records, they point to these two servers, both work and returnt the ip ( NS54.PAIR.COM NS0.NS0.COM
But none of the other dns servers know about it. (I asked 3 providers here, netsol etc.)
We'll see.
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