Rainbow Bubble Machine buillt from LEGO only

Dear fellow subscribers of the LEGO(TM) Newsgroup,
I had always dreamed of a
soap bubble machine.
So when I had built a centrifugal pump for water from LEGO parts and
found out that it works as an air pump, too, that idea came to my mind
With a lot of fumbling and redesigning I ended up with something really
beautiful that I wanted to share with the LEGO community.
Thus, I created an account at ideas.lego.com and uploaded the model.
Now I am asking you all, to have a look at it (and - yes - to click the
support button if you like it)
formatting link

And the video, to see the machine in action. It will brighten up your mind!
formatting link

Thank you for reading and watching!
(sorry for double post, before I accidentally wrote in answer to an old
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