Technic pneumatic tubing

Can anybody confirm the size of the above, ID and OD?


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Alex Wilde
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I just measured two pieces from set #8455

black: ID= 0.076" OD= 0.159" grey: ID= 0.072" OD= 0.161"

I also measured a stem on a pneumatic cylinder:

OD = 0.128"

I found that the tubing used for fuel lines in R/C airplanes makes a decent substitute: ID= 0.077", OD= 0.174". The only potential problem is that fuel line tubing is made from a more pliable substance (neoprene I believe) so under pressure it tends to expand a little more than the original Lego tubing.


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Dave Baum

It's a Danish company - they probably use something in Metric measures :-)

Tine, Denmark

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Tine Andersen

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