93 grand am ignition

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is that the Alpha-Tech Ign. ? been a while... if it is ? its suggested to replace the entire ignition assembly. although it can be picked to the on position for the core to be removed. a hole has to be drilled in the correct spot first.
the entire ignition can also be removed and dissembled. (keep in mind that this is NOT advisable) can be done but the problem comes upon re-assembly. the lock is not designed to be crimped back together. I personally believe that it will not hold together and in time, will probably come apart.
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Haven't worked on that but my books say it's sealed into the housing which usually means it's a real PITA. Why do you need to replace it?
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Yu mite have to go and hav a locksmith code-cut you another one.Expecially if it is a copie of a copie of a copie--or if bi chance it is original-LOL-they git wore down.
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sounds like all ya need to do is have a new key cut back to factory specs. not a duplicate key, as that will copy the wear in the key too. if you have your code ? go to your local dealer. being a 93, your code may be stashed back in the archives. if not? an auto locksmith should be able to sight read your old key and cut ya a new one that will be cut back to specs.
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Might just be worn keys. After all, a 13 year old car. And probably duplicates, too.
Take the car to a locksmith, and see if he can cut keys to code, which would be closer to the manufacturer specs.
Do you replace the engine every 50,000 miles when it starts to run rough? Do you get a new baby every couple days when the old one gets poopy? Must be.
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