? about flying with your tools.

I'll be taking a couple of different classes in a couple of months and will be flying. My question is has anyone been given any trouble trying to get on a plane with your tools. The class I'm taking gives me the tools at the end and although I have all the proper I.D. and credentials I wonder if it might be easier shipping the tools home. Thanks in advance.

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Jimmy F.
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Either that or put them in your checked luggage. I've checked stuff that I couldn't carry-on and had no trouble. Remember that you can even have firearms in checked luggage (there is a procedure to follow - but it is allowed.)

But don't trust info you find on the net - talk to the airline! (Or check their web site.)

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Henry E Schaffer

In your checked baggage about the only thing I think you might have trouble with is bottles of compressed gas, so unless your tools include this it should be no problem.

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Roger Shoaf

you are not allowed hand tools in your carry on bag. but i have hand carried borescopes on the plane. If any of your tools are fragile I would try to hand carry them,and remember they guy at the security does not allow them you can speak with his supervisor. with that said arrive early and have a backup suitcase in case they wont let you carry them on you can check them.

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Never had any problem with tools, but I did get an "inquisitive" look once when I won a elec safe comb lock at one of the conventions. I explained what it was and the guy just waived me through.


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Bob DeWeese, CML

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