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If you are a locksmith and you would like to enter the electronic security market, consider visiting

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  • If you have had very little to no experience, you might find the articles contained in our Safety Security Magazine of help (look for our Crime Prevention Department button).

  • If you have had experience installling alarms, access control, etc., then our Technical Department and our e-Community Page might be of help to you.

  • We have a case study section that describes past jobs with photos and some diagrams. We are also building a private technical section that will include highly technical pieces with drawings and such, as well as a security course of study or two. This department is still in process.

I am a technical writer and have been in the field of security for approximately 30 years. Any help I can lend, send me an e-mail.

Kind Regards, Al Colombo

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Allan B. Colombo
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