How good are they?

I moved into a new house (not newly built, it's about 10 yrs old) and I
was wondering how good the locks are? There are harloc deadbolts on all
the doors and non-locking knobs, the front door has a handle on it.
There's also kwikset one-sided deadbolts on all the exterior doors as
well. Most of the houses around mine have the same handle on the doors
so I guess the builder preferred to use them.
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Harloc and Kwikset on the same doors? Both locks are deadbolts? I must have read something wrong.
Personally, I do install Kwikset when I can. Don't like Harloc.
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Stormin Mormon
if I were someone with ill intent, I'd try a window first. get yourself a norinco 98 or a remington 870 in 12ga. they're about $150 a pop.
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Mike Killebrew
The house is alarmed, all the doors and windows. Replacing the locks is out of the question since it's a rental, they were rekeyed though.
Mike Killebrew wrote:
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Talk to your landlord. If you are paying the cost to replace his/her locks with higher quality ones and you maintain his/her master key system you may be surprised. wrote:
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Why bother? In virtually any house or townhouse the burglary resistance of the locks means little. You can generally break a window quicker than you can bypass even the cheapest of locks. My house and most of the other ones around have 20+ windows downstairs alone. How long do you think high end locks on every door are going to keep anybody out? If you are in an apartment or other domicile with one sturdy door and little or no access through windows etc then a high end lock makes sense. Otherwise it's a waste of money unless you are willing to put bars on all your windows etc. Even the door and strike are more important than the locks. They will try to kick it in before they try picking, drilling, etc the locks. A good alarm will go a lot further than better locks.
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