Key for old railroad lock.

I have an old railroad lock. It is marked "Empire 6-Lever". Anyone know where I might find a key? Is it worth anything?

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Billy Edwards has a lock meusem that contains PICS of old padlocks. I'll look up the address & post it.


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Unlike gasoline or coca cola which bought and sold every day, you're into a more specific gadget. All depends on who wants it, and how badly they want it.

Find a key? Well, other railroad collectors. Or flea markets.

Worth? Well, check Ebay and see if they ahve any going for sale, adn see what they draw?

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Stormin Mormonn

Thanks. I'll check e-bay.

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Hi Bob,

Unless your lock is marked with some railroad marking it is just a standard lever push key lock. You can see a picture of one that sold on Ebay in 99 at the link.

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First made by the Miller Lock Co. around 1880, the 6 lever push key lock became very popular and was copied later by around 5 or 6 other companies and remained popular until the 1940's. During that time various manufacturers followed the practice of placing special logo's or names on their locks and obtained design patents to keep others from making locks with the same name. These names saturated the marketplace via advertising in an attempt to capture a bigger market share. Empire was one of these names and stands with nearly 500 others for this type of lock.

Whatever you do, don't polish the lock as that will decrease its value to collectors. You can use ultrasonic cleaners with a mild soap solution to dislodge any dirt and see if the springs are still active. In most cases they will be because they were brass or bronze but some have been found with steel springs and they will rust.

If you are go>

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Billy B. Edwards Jr.

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