Have you seen movies with locksmiths in. Just saw the italian job. (The new film) there one of the mainpersons was a locksmith/safetechnician.

Just wander if there ar other movies


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Like I always say.... "If I were dishonest, this town would never be the same. :)

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Bob DeWeese, CML

I've found that very few locksmiths turn to the dark side. Some, but few. What does interest me is that people only see locksmiths as people who unlock things.

Would you consider a doctor to be "only" a person who gives shots? Is a carpenter a person who only frames walls? Is a cop a person who only shoots crooks?

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Stormin Mormon

In a movie called "Phoenix" 3 crooked cops attempt to rob a stripclub owner but end up killing him before they get the combination to the safe, so they call a locksmith to drill it open for them.

In the Lawrence Block book "Hit List" the main character calls a crooked locksmith to gain entry into a vacant apartment.

Both instances the locksmith characters play small roles, but those are the only two I can think of right now.


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After spending half the night out boosting

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