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Hello All,

I recently bought a house with a Meilink safe in one of the closets. The real estate agent thought the original owner put it in. This was in 1970. Taped on top was, I presume, the combination.

28-L/4T 85-R/3T 32-L2T

I've tried this and it won't unlock. On the bezel around the dial there are two hash marks. The one in the center (12:00 position) has an arrow. The other hash mark is in appoximately the 10:00 position.

Is there a specific method for applying the combination that anyone is aware of? Do I just go left four times and stop at 28....etc?

Thanks for any input, Charles

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using the 12 o clock mark.

turn RIGHT, stopping when 85 comes up the THIRD TIME, not necessarily 3 turns..

turn LEFT stopping when it comes up the SECOND time.. again NOT necessarily 2 turns.,..

turn RIGHT, now, and it should open..


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Now that you've published your combo for the world to see (unless this is one you made up for purposes of the question), you might consider getting it changed...

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Joe Kesselman

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