Curtis equipment - will be for sale

The father of a friend of mine left him his locksmith equipment. The equipment and the blanks date back to the 50's - 60's and were oriented to automobile locksmithing.

There is a Curtis clipper, with a variety of "cams"? (pieces of metal about 1" x 1/4" x 1/8" with spaces cut into them. The asssortment of stuff, includes one or two thin wheels about 3" in diameter, and comes in a metal box.

There is also a motorized Curtis key cutting machine with two manually moved carriages. The one on the left has the usual wheel to cut a V shaped groove. Then in the middle there are two slotting wheels as used to cut flat keys. On the right there is a cutting wheel(?) shaped like a tire, with a smooth tread and cutting teeth on the sides. There is a manual - which is being searched for.

All of the equipment looks to be in good shape, but somewhat dusty!

There is a fairly large assortment of key blanks.

I asked my friend to send me a better description/inventory, and I'll post that and his contact info when I get it. The purpose of this post is to get people thinking if they might want to buy this.

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Henry E Schaffer
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Let me know what he wants for the turret machine!

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Bob DeWeese, CML

I could use a cutting wheel. Or two. I've got two Curtis 2000 machines, and really like them. Also need the carriage tension spring.

I got the two Curtis machines many years ago, and they have given me very good service.

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Stormin Mormon

I 'think' that this is a Curtis 14.. the precursor of the current one.. Hawley Lock might be interested if you do not get any nibbles otherwise. I might be interested in the key blanks, depending on what there is... --Shiva--

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