OT - Change the dime?

As you may have seen, USA Today is running a poll to determine whether Americans want to keep Franklin Delano Roosevelt on the dime, or replace him with Ronald Reagan. President Reagan's name is now on the National Airport in DC and on numerous federal buildings, and it takes nothing away from our ailing ex-President to leave the dime unchanged. On the other hand, to take Roosevelt off would be a national disgrace.

Roosevelt is on the dime because he started the March of Dimes foundation whose work and research have contributed to finding a cure for polio, a terrible, crippling disease well remembered by those of us born before the

1960's, one which has crippled many of our friends and President Roosevelt himself.

It's just a little thing which it takes 10 seconds, but very symbolic. Voting only takes 30 seconds. Click on the link below (or paste it into your browser). And when you're finished, please pass this on to others. Thanks..

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