S&G Enviromental Series Padlocks: Differences between models?

What are the differences between the various models of S&G rotating
disk padlocks? (0880,0881, 0885, 0883)
Also, does anyone have information about their avalibility and
pricing? S&G's website has some information, but they are not listed
in my most recent catalog, or price list.
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is this the FORMER GSA graded padlock? if thats it, thought it was not GSA rated anymore??? I might ahve the wrong model in mind.
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I think you do; I don't think those were intended for outdoor/salt tolerance, and that's usually what folks mean when they call a lock "environmental".
I'm not familiar with this series either, but you've got me curious...
The simplest way to find out, of course, would be to drop S&G a note asking them for literature about these products. They must have spec sheets...
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Joe Kesselman (yclept Keshlam
I certainly don't expect my environment to be salty. If I want salty, I'll ask for "maritime".
Stainless steels are damn good materials for lock making, as they're strong and resistant to normal inland weather. But they're almost all poor when it comes to salt resistance (which is why boats still carry so much bronze).
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Andy Dingley
Good stainless is fine for a marine environment. Virtually all outboard and I/O props for marine use are stainless for example.
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